About this Site


This is the official website for the GUTS+ role-playing game system. It contains the rules and update posts about the system and website itself written by Robbie Antenesse. There’s no budget behind this project, but if you want to contribute to it or say thanks, feel free to donate using the “Buy Me A Coffee” link in the site’s footer!

Techno Mumbo Jumbo

This website uses Hugo as its speedy static site generator and the tiny Picnic CSS as the base style framework, stitched together with customizations using Sass. It is hosted on Gitlab Pages and delivers all of its content in a minified and gzipped format so the bandwidth usage is as small as possible. In addition to this small size, the website saves an updated version of all of the rule books to your browser whenever you visit the home page using UpUp so you can still read the rules if you don’t have internet.

As of April 11, 2019, I also added Fathom Analytics to the website running via https://analytics.guts.plus. It is a very lightweight service that only tracks user counts and sources and nothing else. If you visit the analytics website, all of the data collected is anonymized and public. I am only using it to gauge interest in GUTS+ so I can know what is most and least used on the website. If you do not wish it to count your visits, using a content blocker on your browser should prevent it from working without much hassle.