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Saturday, July 28, 2018

As I was reading through the rules about Health and Injuries again, I was thinking about how different characters can have different body types that might be able to endure different kinds of injuries more or less effectively. For example, a minotaur character might be able to sustain more major injuries to its head but fewer to its skinnier cow legs, or a body builder could potentially take more minor injuries to her arms and legs because they’re so thick with muscles. Or heck, if your lizardfolk character has a tail, the tail should have its own injury marks!

As such, I am changing the terminology in the rules about injuries to refer to the injuries chart as a baseline or default collection of injuries. I’ve also added to the Appearance section of the Character Creation rules a reminder to decide upon your character’s injury chart based on their body type and particularities. Most humanoid characters will have the default injury slots unless there’s a good reason that they should have more. Just consult your GM before adding (or removing) injury slots to your character sheet with pen!


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