GM Handbook Update

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

After thinking about what to include and how to structure it, I finally spent some time writing the Game Master’s Handbook. Right now, it’s not fully featured, but it has at least the basic information, much like the Player’s Handbook. If you want to get started as a Game Master, the handbook contains some guidance on how to do that. It covers how to create a world for your players, how to design a quest, and how to guide what happens to your players as they play in your world.

I intend to expand upon the GM Handbook as I have time to include things like in-depth examples of how to interpret situations, full-featured examples of basic worlds you can start with, and even example characters and scenarios to build upon for your own games!

If there’s anything else that you’d like to see in there or that’s unclear or confusing, go ahead and leave a comment and I’ll work on improving it!


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