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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The GUTS+ character sheet has been updated to include space for Status Effects! Since there’s no “master list” of effects, I left a space for writing a description of the effect next to the effect name.

I also decreased the size of the Inventory boxes and added some more. It’s up to the player to know how many slots their clothing allows, but in case they’re wearing extra baggy clothing or something, they can now carry everything they need! In addition to this, I made it a little bit easier to show that an item is being held in a hand by making them checkboxes next to the item slot instead of having their own boxes that you’d have to move text around to track correctly. I also added more slots to the Bag section on the section page. That way, even the largest of bags and the most pocketed clothing can be accounted for on the character sheet!

Other than that, the character sheet is basically unchanged, though I did also increase the size of the description areas on the Essence page, too. I hope you like the changes and that they’re helpful moving forward!

Download the New Character Sheet!


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