Optional Magic System Grimoire

Basic Skills

Basic Essence skills require that your character knows that their Essense exists and that they are able to manipulate it. While they may know what the Aura of their Essence is and what Auras are in theory, they do not have a firm grasp on how to utilize the Aura to do different things.

This page lists all of the skills available to the Basic skill level and each Aura type.

Any Aura


Extend your Essence so it comes in contact with another Essence and share your feelings with the target. The target feels the feelings as distinct and external from themselves, vaguely coming from your direction.


Push your Essence outward and move its substance into one place to create a hardened surface for protection or other uses. With a high enough Density, you can extend it to surround your whole body, but in most cases, it can fills a cube the volume of half your Essence’s range in size within half your Essence’s range.

If the hardened Essence is used to lift/support something, it can only lift half of your Essence’s range in pounds (i.e. at 3 Density, which gives Essence a range of 10 feet, it can carry 5 lbs). Supporting any weight higher than this inflicts 1 Strain per weight limit increment over the limit per second on the owner of the Essence.

For example, at 3 Density, if you try supporting something over 5 lbs up to 10 lbs, you gain 1 Strain per second, but if you try supporting something over 10 lbs up to 15 lbs, you gain 2 Strain per second, and so on, using half of your Essence’s range in pounds as the increment.


Extend your Essence as far as your range allows and feel when something comes in contact with it. You can either extend it in a straight line or expand it outward from yourself for a shorter range.


Extend your Essence outward in a form comparable to a soft, 1-foot wide teddy bear hand to push objects. The heavier the object, the more Strain you may take as a result of trying to move it (see Harden for reference—the final word belongs to your GM). You may move your Essence away from you, upward, downward, left, or right—you may not pull an object.


Flow your Essence like a wave to send a single light gust of air out from it. The gust is noticeable but only strong enough to rustle some paper or blow out a weak candle.

Cold Aura


Flow the substance of your Essence so it pulls heat away and cools the area by a noticeable degree. Can cool things off, but not enough to freeze it.

Fast Aura


Excite the substance of your Essence so it generates static electricity.

Heavy Aura


Bunch up the substance of your Essence and push it downward over objects to affect the weight of things. Can apply up to twice your Essence’s range in pounds of pressure upon the target.

Hot Aura


Excite the substance of your Essence so it heats up to a noticeable degree. Can help keep things warm, but not hot enough to light something aflame.

Slow Aura


Flow the substance of your Essence around yourself or an object within range to make their perception of time slow down up to the amount of your Essence’s range times, i.e. if your range is 15, time outside of you or your target passes 15 seconds for each second you experience.

Soft Aura


Expand your Essence outward to read the feelings of another Essence.

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